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Real Estate Attorney in Pasadena, California

John R Howell Attorney At Law

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301 E Colorado Blvd #320 Pasadena CA 91101

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Business Description

Mr. Howell specializes in real estate and business law. He formed his firm in 1983, after practicing for 5 years with a downtown Los Angeles law firm and law clerking for a federal judge. 'With extensive experience negotiating and drafting agreements, Mr. Howell represents real estate owners and operators, lessors and lessees, start-ups and existing businesses, homeowners' associations and condominium owners, investors, and non-profits. He handles a broad range of contractual matters, such as purchases and sales of both commercial and residential real estate, leases, formation of business entities, co-ownership agreements, purchases and sales of businesses, loans, options, easements, employment agreements, and most other types of agreements. He works to resolve disputes, short of litigation.'Mr. Howell enjoys helping people reach their goals by representing them thoroughly and efficiently. A properly handled transaction is one where both legal and business issues are identified and addressed to meet the client's reasonable expectations. A properly handled transaction will avoid potential problems later. The fact that Mr. Howell has represented nationally recognized clients in hundreds of transactions has given him a breadth of experience to use to the advantage of the individuals and small businesses that he primarily represents. 'It has been particularly helpful to Mr. Howell's practice to have been a real estate owner, operator and investor. He is a member in LLCs that own historic retail, office and apartment buildings. He did the acquisition work, drafts the leases, handles refinancings and plays an active role in managing the properties. 'Mr. Howell is the founding member of a Pasadena organization that has a focus on preserving natural open space, and serves as a board member of a regional conservation organization that acquires natural open space. He served as president of a non-profit that helped convert the historic 150-room YMCA building in Pasadena's Civic Center to very low income apartments, and on the boards of Pasadena Heritage (historic preservation) and Union Station Foundation (homeless shelter). He is an active member of Pasadena Rotary Club, currently serving in a leadership role.'Please do not forward any confidential information without first discussing your matter.

Mission Statement

To provide Pasadena quality Attorneys assistance as a Real Estate Attorney, Real Estate Laws, Business Lawyer and Real Estate Lawyers.

John R Howell Attorney At Law meeting your Attorneys needs since 1977.


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Pasadena, Altadena, Glendale, La Ca? Flintridge, South Pasadena, Monrovia, Arcadia, San Marino, Eagle Rock, Sierra Madre


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Real Estate Lawyers

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Real Estate Attorney in Pasadena, California Real Estate Laws in Pasadena, California Business Lawyer in Pasadena, California Real Estate Lawyers in Pasadena, California
Business Laws in Pasadena, California Real Estate Attorneys in Pasadena, California Business Law in Pasadena, California Business Attorney in Pasadena, California
Real Estate Law in Pasadena, California Real Estate Lawyer in Pasadena, California Real Estate Attorney in Pasadena, California Real Estate Laws in Pasadena, California
John R Howell Attorney At Law  Photo

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301 E Colorado Blvd #320
Pasadena, CA 91101


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